Another beautiful day on the golf course, come on in for 9 today!

Our Clubs - Nico-Wynd Golf Course

Nico-Wynd is a vital part of the Surrey golf community. As such, we are proud to host several playing clubs to foster friendly competition among our regular players. These clubs operate independently from course management, and they are open to both members and non members of Nico-Wynd Golf Course. Other than green fees, there is a only a small club membership fee. Below you will find a list of our clubs and a some brief information.

Men's and Senior Men's

Both clubs are affiliated with the RCGA and the BCGA. Senior Men's includes players 55 years and older. The club plays competitively on Tuesday mornings, and the Men's club plays on Saturday mornings. We welcome new members.


Wednesday Ladies Golf

Friends, Fitness and Fun are the hallmarks of the Wednesday Ladies Golf Club. We meet for regular golf, Wednesday mornings, April through October. For more information about joining us or establishing a handicap, just fill out an inquiry on our website and our membership chairperson will contact you. Visit Nico Wynd Wednesday Ladies and come enjoy some golf!


Business Ladies

The Business Ladies Club plays Saturday afternoon. This club is affiliated with the RCGA and the BCGA. The group welcomes new members of all ages.